Many customers are curious about the Cost of Rapid Prototyping. It is normal to know the prototype quotation in advance, but the quotation of the Rapid Prototype needs to be carefully calculated by the engineering staff.
The Cost of Rapid Prototyping is affected by many factors. If you want to know, you must first send 3D drawings to the salesman, and then tell us your requirements, such as materials, processing technology, precision requirements, surface treatment, delivery or other Additional services. All will affect the price of the quote.

For example, more than ten days ago, a customer found us through the Internet for consultation. He first sent a 2D drawing to request a CNC Rapid Prototyping quotation, but the 2D drawing could not be quoted to the customer, and the 3D drawing could be used. After that, he passed the 3D drawing requesting the quotation and explained some processing requirements. When he get the price, he felt expensive at first. However, after comparison and consideration, the customer knows that even though our price is more expensive than other hand-made factories, but our processing technology, materials, services and other aspects are better than other small manufacturers, so we get the job.

In general, the factors that affect the Cost of Rapid Prototyping are as follows:
First, the accuracy of the prototype:
If you need to meet the tolerance requirements of 0.01mm, regardless of the processing equipment or the technical master, our requirements are relatively high, and so the cost will be relatively high.
Second, the size and difficulty of the prototype:
If the product structure is complex, the Cost of Rapid Prototyping is also much higher; if the overall size of the product is large or the appearance is a curved shape, the processing cost will also increase a lot.
Third, processing materials:
Plastic or aluminum alloy or stainless steel, different materials will have different price.
Fourth, the surface treatment requirements:
Such as injection, silk screen, electroplating, laser engraving and other post-processing will increase the cost of hand processing.

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