I've looked at many threads and cannot find one with an answer to my simple question.

I have a ZenBot CNC mill. I need to cut formers and ribs for my 1/3 scale model gliders. I can use Mach3 to write code/run the ZenBot for its default file . That is, my lofted set of ribs is 13" by 35"cutting area. It writes the G-Code from the xxx.dxf file.

However, I wish to "copy" and "paste" the parts in the xx.dxf file into a cutting file "box" that has dimensions of 4" x 16"

I design/scale the parts from the fullscale aircraft, scan, and save in a dxf file. I just need to learn how to reflect, rotate, copy and paste the parts into the correct places in the file that will match the size of balsa/plywood available.

Sorry for being long winded....
and I am sure the answer is very simple.