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I Don't Want Others To See My Infractions

The only people that can see your infractions are moderators, admins and yourself.

How Long Until An Infraction Expires?

An infraction expires after a certain amount of time. That amount of time varies depending on the infraction. You can view the expiration date of your infractions in your User Control Panel.

How Many Infractions Until I'm Banned?

If you are an established member, it would take 10 infraction points (some infractions are worth more than 1 point). You can view the number of infraction points you have under your User Control Panel. Infraction bans are not permanent and your account will be available for use once enough infractions expire to the point that your total infraction points is below the ban level. However if you start out an account by spamming or posting links, we reserve the right to delete your account.

Am I Notified When I Receive An Infraction?

By default, yes you will get an email for each infraction you receive. If you go out of your way to disable the Receive Email from Administrators option under UserCP -> Edit Options, then you will not be notified.

Why Not Warn People Via Private Message?

It's just not practical when you try to manage a forum of this size. You run into a few problems... We can't know/remember who was warned about what historically. Especially when you have multiple moderators/admins doing things. The infraction system gives us a history for the user that we are able to easily reference. Infractions are quick and easy for us. Writing a personalized private message to a user would require a few people doing that full time. The infraction system is fast and does the same job (ultimately you want to inform the user that they shouldn't do whatever they are doing).

Why Didn't Others Get An Infraction For The Same Thing?

They probably did. You can't see other user's infractions (see above).

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